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in recent years, Brazilian exports grew twice as fast as total global
70.0 exports, pushed by new markets in africa, the Middle east and asia.
40.0 Multilateral accords in which Brazil participates
Brazil has bilateral trade agreements with Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Guyana
20.0 and Suriname and also with the Latin American Association for Integration (ALADI)
in the fields of Regional Tariff Preferences between countries, seeds and cultural
10.0 goods. As a member of Mercosur it participates in multilateral agreements with
Chile, Bolivia, Mexico (automotive) Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, In-
dia, Israel, the Central African Customs and Economic Union, Egypt and Palestine.
Source: Central Bank of Brazil

Brazils GDP composition (%)

Brazil is a large emerging country, with a popula- Agriculture 26.3 %
tion of nearly 200 million and growing income. For %
this reason, it has many business opportunities. In 5.2
2014, Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup and in 2016
the Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro. The two
events should generate US$100 billion for prepara- Services
tion and realization. In the field of infrastructure, in 68.5 %
2012 the Brazilian government launched the Logis-
tics Investment Program to inject US$70 billion in
highways and railroads in coming years, with private
sector participation. In the oil and gas sector there is
strong opportunity in the exploration of pre-salt re-
serves, located at great depths under the ocean floor.
industry: in One of the worlds largest oil reserves, with capac-
ity of 800 billion barrels, it extends 800 kilometers
which Brazil is a between Santa Catarina and Espirito Santo States.
great exponent
Sources: IBGE, in 2012.
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