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A growing country

economic and institutional stability combined 250
with business competence results in profits.
Brazil enjoys stability, growth Brazils manufacturing base is
and knowledge. As the country an important foundation of
has achieved economic and sustainable economic growth. 100
institutional stability, it has paved The country has advanced
the way for economic growth. industrial facilities in many 0
Inflation is stable at 5% per year. sectors and regions. It is the
Brazil The financial system is solid. Brazil worlds seventh largest producer Source: MDIC Export Import
follows World Trade Organization
of vehicles, and the fourth
norms. The institutional largest of commercial airplanes.
environment offers security, and Industry is diversified and spread Learn More
the country recently received throughout the territory. Brazil Brazil is the worlds largest exporter of coffee, soybeans, orange juice, beef and
an investment level ranking is a global leader in exports of sugar. It has 90 million hectares of non-used cultivatable land of a total, of nearly
400 million hectares of fertile and highly productive land. Its agro-industrial pro-
from the leading international agricultural commodities and duction chains are among the most consistent in the planet, including strong ac-
risk evaluation agencies. iron ore. In all sectors there tions in research and development.
From 2006-2011, direct foreign are centers of excellence in
investments tripled and average professional training and research
annual growth in Gross National and development. Brazil is a
Product was higher than 4%, global reference in agribusiness,
despite the global financial crisis. the aeronautics industry,
Together with better income deep sea petroleum drilling,
distribution, this allowed for telecommunications, software
growth of the middle class. and biotechnology development,
Corresponding to about half of the and particularly in biofuels.
population, it composes one of the It is the worlds 13th leading
worlds strongest consumer markets. producer of scientific research.
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