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General data
Brazil is the worlds fifth largest country in
terms of land size. The vast territory has a
wide variety of climates, vegetation, forms
of land occupation and economic activity.
The Amazon Forest, in the Northern region,
accounts for almost half the national territory.
There are six different biomes in the country.
Brazil is home to the worlds largest river
basin and has about 12% of the planets fresh
water. The Atlantic coastline extends from the
extreme south to the north of Brazil. In recent
Brazil years the country has had healthy economic
and social development. Its economy is the
seventh largest in
the world. Improved Learn More
quality of life places Brazil has the worlds high-
est biodiversity spread
the country among among the biomes of the
those with the highest Amazon, 49% of Brazilian
territory; the Cerrado, a vast
Human Development savannah that is 24% of
Indexes. Brazil has Brazil; the Atlantic Florest,
13%; Caatinga, a semi-arid
the worlds fifth
scrub florest that accounts
largest population. for10%; the Pampa, 2% and
Pantanal wetlands another
It is formed by the
2%. Nine percent of the ter-
miscegenation of ritory is protected in parks
whites, blacks, Asians and nature reserves. Main-
tenance of these areas, to-
and indigenous gether with the reduction
peoples. Most of the of carbon dioxide emissions,
contribute towards protect-
population is young, ing the planets rain cycle
while life expectancy and to the preservation of
is 74.08 years.
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