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the number of companies and the fifth in the number of
workers. They are well distributed throughout the State, which
guarantees socio-economic equilibrium among the regions.
More than for its quantity, industry stands out for its quality,
innovation and intensive use of technology. So much so that
it exports to nearly all of the worlds countries and enjoys
an excellent reputation in various segments. Its capacity to
generate wealth is decisive in situating the State among the
best places to live and do business in Brazil.

Santa Catarina has a long tradition in international business.
The exporting vocation of industry in the State was forged
over the decades, and in recent years has been taking on a
new profile. The concentration of business with the largest
historic partners has been decreasing, while new commercial
partners in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa
gain importance. Doted with notable port infrastructure, Santa
Catarina also stands out increasingly in imports, complementing
its vocation for foreign commerce.

in addition to preSenting a profile of the State and its
industry, this guide points to business opportunities that
can be realized, involving distinct economic sectors, regions
and institutions. Santa Catarina is an enterprising state par
excellence and continues to seek new opportunities and
partnerships around the world. More than an imposition of
these times of globalization, this is a natural vocation for its glauco José Côrte
businessmen and women. President of the FIESC System
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