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Santa Catarina is a small yet outstanding Brazilian State.
It has just over 1% of the national territory and 3% of the
population, but some of the highest scores on economic and
social indicators, such as the Human Development Index (HDI),
which is only lower than that of the Federal District. Despite
its small land size, its economy is the seventh largest of Brazils
27 States and districts. Santa Catarina is among the States with
the most computers and Internet accesses per residence,
and the capital city of Florianópolis is the State capital with
Foreword the highest concentration of upper income families in Brazil.

This is a land of entrepreneurs: a company is created in the
State, on average, for every 40 residents.

Beyond theSe indiCatorS, Santa Catarinas distinctions
include its natural resources. There are hundreds of beautiful
beaches on its 500-kilometer coast, and splendid mountains
rise from the Coastal Plain to the Mountain Plateau, where
snowfall is frequent. The diversity is so great that the State
has some of the highest and lowest temperatures in Brazil.
The ethnic diversity is also notable: the Santa Catarina people
are composed of descendants of immigrants from various
European countries, in addition to Africans and indigenous
peoples, and also by people from throughout Brazil and the
world who chose the State to work and live.

With ConneCtionS to all these factors, industry stands out
as one of the main forces of the State economy. The Santa
Catarina industrial sector is the fourth largest in Brazil in
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