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General data
Santa Catarina is a small smallest State in Brazil in Santa Catarina does not have large cities, which contributes towards
Brazilian State in terms of terms of land area, but improved quality of life as well as a better distribution of wealth.
territorial size and population. its economy is the eighth
Yet it is similar to countries largest among the 27 Main cities (thousand people)
like Ireland, Portugal, Austria States and federal districts.
and Hungary. Its population The State also has an Joinville 526,3
Florianópolis (capital)
is higher than Norway and
entrepreneurial culture:
Santa Catarina favorable place for business. for every 40 people. In São José 215,2
New Zealand. The State is a
there is one company
It is strategically located at
comparison to other
the center of the largest
States, Santa Catarina has
economic region in the
outstanding socio-economic
country, and in relation to the
income is fourth in Brazil,
Mercosur economic union.
and its Human Development
Although it has only 3,2% indicators. Its per capita Source: IBGE, in 2012.
of the Brazilian population, Index (HDI) is the second
Santa Catarina is one of highest. Levels of education Capital: Florianópolis
the most dynamic States. and health are also among Citizen: Catarinense
Local time: -3 in relation to Greenwich (same as Brasília)
Santa Catarina is the seventh the highest in the country. Climate: subtropical
area in relation to Brazil: 1.1%
population in relation to Brazil: 3.3%
economically active population: 3.5 million
density: 66 inhabitan/km .
households: 1.99 million
Distances from Florianópolis (capital city) kilometers Urban population: 84.7%
ports: Imbituba, Itajaí, Itapoá, Laguna, Navegantes and São Francisco do Sul.
São Paulo 705 air fields: 52
Rio de Janeiro 1,144
Main airports: Florianópolis, Navegantes (international) and Joinville.
Brasília 1,673 Vehicle fleet: 3.0 million
Assumpcion (Paraguay) 1,350 regular telephony: 1.6 million lines
Montevideu (Uruguay) 1,360 Mobile phones: 8.5 million (2012)
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1,850 power consumption: 21,193 GWh (2012)
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